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Hi all and I'm happy to introduce my first visual novel project, Castaways!

You play as Lily, a young, motivated woman who is leaving home for the first time to start a new career and life in Japan. 

On the journey, though, something goes horribly wrong and the plane crashes. You and a small group of other people are marooned on an unknown tropical island. 

Follow Lily and her fellow survivors as they work out how to help each other, face off the island's dangers and try to make it home. Maybe you'll even find love along the way with one of these other castaways...?

Meet The Guys

The game is purely just a visual novel, with fairly straightforward gameplay involving only reading and choices, no puzzles or character control. It will feature:

- 6 playable routes, 2 with different route paths
- 1 'secret' ending
- 21 unlockable CGs
- Beautiful backgrounds that shift from day to night
- 10 individual character sprites

This game is fairly unique, in that in each playthrough you will only have 4 out of the 6 available men on the island with you (selected by your choices early in the game), and the social nature of the situation that you find yourself in means they will all interact with each other as well as with you. Some of them are amiable and helpful, but others might not get along with each other (try putting Seth and Billy in the same group if you like to stir up trouble...). 

When playing through over again for different routes, try out various combinations and see what new parts of their personalities you uncover!

Released for Windows, Mac and Linux on 30/05/2020!

Thanks for reading and please post any comments or suggestions below - we would love to hear your feedback!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CastawaysGame

LemmaSoft: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=48203&p=478071#p478071


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Hi Tibault!

I'm on my first walkthrough, everything's looking good and I'm enjoying the story right now!

I've found a bug :) Adam appeared unexpectedly in the story (one of the phrases from this episode: "Adam gets up to greet us, and Kaz drapes an arm around his shoulder") My current set of LIs is Kazuki, Chris, Seth, James. I've made three choices on the island. All of them were Kazuki-centered :D I hope that'll help.


Hi Kelanael!

Thanks so much for your comment and I'm really glad you're enjoying the story :)

I appreciate the report and I'll make sure to fix it! With 15 different iterations of how the island can look, I definitely would've had a few slip through the gaps, so thank you for spotting that! I'll have a new Adam-free version released later.

I hope you continue to enjoy! <3

I really love the idea of this game <3 

Can't wait for it to come out and see all the other works you might plan to do in the future!!

Good thing you found a new artist, I'll be downloading it when it comes out \(^,^)/

Good luck!!

Thanks so much for the comment! :)

Due to all the shuffling about of artists it's now looking like a later release but we are still hoping for 2018 :)

I hope you enjoy the game when it's out!

Take as much time as you want, the longer you take on the project the better it will turn out <3

I'll deffo try it out the moment it hits the full release!!

It's out! :3

It's out indeed! I hope you enjoy :)

Commented on Lemmasoft but I'm seriously excited for this!

Hi Godline, thank you for your comment!

Sorry the page looks a mess at the moment the image hosting site went down so I am in the process of fixing it!

We got a new artist added to the team last week and we are still looking on track for a September release :)

Omigosh two years later.  But I know what I'll be playing this weekend coming.